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Water Monitoring

Stewardship of the environment and quality of life are key aspects of many of the District's services and programs, and are reflected in the District's Strategic Priorities and Muskoka Official Plan.

To support these strategic priorities, the District has many environmental stewardship programs to ensure that Muskoka’s environment remains healthy.

Our water is a precious resource that everyone must safeguard. 

In Muskoka, water is a primary element of our quality of life and our economy. Water defines our geography, biology and cultural heritage – our place. We cherish the natural values supported by our waterbodies. Connecting with nature brings peace and tranquility and this value is extremely important to the people of Muskoka. Our health depends on its biodiversity – a mix of wild plants, animals and habitats with water being a vital component in how well an ecosystem stays the same as conditions change around it – monitoring our water is the first step to ensuring a sustainable water supply.

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