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Muskoka District Airport (YQA) 
1011 Airport Road, Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1R1

Telephone: (705) 687-2194 
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2024 Fees - YQA

Fees in effect per By-law 2023-40 beginning on page 5. 


Pilot Information
Runways & Navaids
The Muskoka Airport (CYQA) has one runway. The runway 18/36 is 1,829m x 45.7m (6,000' x 150') asphalt and has a Pavement Load Rating (PLR) of 9 - capable of carrying loads of 90,720 kilograms (200,000 lbs.) MTOW. Runway 18 has a displaced threshold of 244m (800') due to the 4-lane Highway in the approach path. 

Runway 18 is equipped with a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and a Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) located 3.5 nautical miles from the airport. Both runway orientations 18 and 36 have GPS based approaches charted as RNAV (GNSS). The airport also has Direction Finding equipment (VHF-DF) that can be used to locate aircraft through their transmission frequency. 

Further details can be obtained in the Canada Flight Supplement published by NavCanada. 

Aprons & Taxiways
The public apron at the south end of the airfield was expanded in 2006 and is now over 2.1 hectares (5.2 acres) is size and designed to a Pavement Load Rating (PLR) rating of 9, capable of supporting loads of 90,720 kilograms (200,000 pounds). There are 10 aircraft tie-downs located along the pavement edge and another 12 in a grass parking area adjacent to the apron. There is a fee levied for aircraft parked on the public apron or tie-down facilities overnight. 

Both taxiways Alpha and Bravo at the north end of the field serve a number of commercial aviation businesses and private hangars and are restricted to aircrafts with wingspans less than 24 metres (79 feet). 

Frequencies & Clearances
Muskoka operates on a Mandatory Frequency (MF) within five nautical miles of the airfield. This Remote Communications Outlet (RCO) is operated by NavCanada who provides the Remote Aerodrome Advisory Service (RAAS) through their Timmins Flight Service Station (FSS) referred to as Timmins Radio on frequency 122.3. 

Directional Finding (VDF) can be obtained through Timmins Radio on frequency 122.3 for pilots that are unsure of their location. 

IFR departure clearances can be obtained once the aircraft engines are running by contacting Timmins Radio on frequency 122.3. 

USA and other 'out-of-country' pilots should be aware that flight plans are activated in Canada upon their departure time on the plan. Therefore, delayed departures will activate Search and Rescue activities after about 45 minutes. Pilots should update or cancel their flight plans when departure delays are experienced. 

Further details regarding airport communications can be obtained in the Canada Flight Supplement published by NavCanada 


MF: Timmins Radio 122.3, 5 Nautical Miles, 3900' Above Sea Level (CAR 602.98) 

RCO: Timmins Radio 122.3 (RAAS)  

Flight information Service Enroute (FISE): London 123.475

Broadcast: 126.7

VDF: Timmins Radio 122.3 

AWOS: 124.575

NDB: YQA 272 (M), N45 02 17 W79 17 00

Airfield Lighting
Runway 18/36 and the Public Apron have three stage medium intensity edge lights controlled by a type-K ARCAL on 122.3 and a Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) on runway 18. 

The north and south taxiway systems (including alpha and bravo) are delineated with Retro-reflective markers. 

The Aerodrome Beacon is not controlled through the ARCAL system. The Beacon is activated by a photocell in the same manner as the aerodrome obstruction lighting on the antenna and the anemometer towers. 

Automatic natural gas generators support the air terminal building, the FBO fuel farm, and the airfield lighting system, so Muskoka Airport is never affected by electrical power outages. 

Airport Fees

All rates in Canadian Dollars and subject to 13% Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) as per The District Municipality of Muskoka Bylaw No. 2020-37

For a Full list of Airport fees, please see By-Law 2022-28 


Landing Fees

Muskoka District Airport fees are governed by By-Law 2022-28, as amended. 

District of Muskoka - General User Fees - By-Law 2022-28  


  • No charge for any aircraft with GTOW of 2,000 kg or less 
  • No charge for aircraft based at Muskoka Airport with GTOW of 4,000 kg or less 
  • Fees levied for the first landing of each day only landing
  • Fees waived for aircraft used for Search & Rescue or Search & Rescue Training activities 
  • Aircraft weights determined by Transport Canada's Report TP143 "Air Traffic Designators" or the appropriate aircraft registry (Note: All aircraft weights rounded up to the nearest 1,000 kg) 
  • Minimum Landing fees (for aircraft with GTOW over 2,000 kg not based at CYQA): Turboprop & Rotary Wing = $45.27, Jets = $97.04


Aircraft Weight (GTOW)                        Landing Fee Rate  

Itinerant Aircraft                                      No Fee 2,000 kg or less

Aircraft Based @ Muskoka Airport              No Fee 4,000 kg or less

Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28. 

Parking Fees
  • Parking Fees levied for aircraft parked on Muskoka Airport lands after 8:00 PM each day 
  • Use of public grass tie-downs permitted during the months of May through October only 

Aircraft Weight (GTOW)                  Nightly Fee     Monthly Fee    6 Month Fee 

Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28.  

Other Fees

Hydro Charges: Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28. 

Ground Power Unit: Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28. 

After Hours Service Fees: Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28. 

Cargo Loading/Unloading (loader forklift service with operator to service aircraft): Fees in effect per By-Law 2022-28. 

Map of Muskoka Airport
Ground Transport

Taxi Cabs

Murray's Taxi

Gravenhurst Taxi

Muskoka Taxi

Car Rentals

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Limousine Services

Hammond Transport

Northern Airport Services

Accessibility / Terminal Map
At The Airport

The Muskoka Airport Terminal hosts a pilot’s lounge, customer service counter, large passenger waiting and viewing area, conference room, car rental agency, rental offices, handicap accessible washrooms, and the Little Norway Memorial.

Our pilot's lounge is open 24-hours a day and contains a kitchen area, vending machines, TV lounge area, washrooms, telephones, wireless internet, and a flight planning computer.  

 Fuel / FBO
The District Municipality of Muskoka operates the World Fuel Services (WFS) aviation fuel dealership located on the south Public Apron. 

The fuel farm is equipped with two 50,000 litre tanks (13,000 gallon) for jet fuel (Jet A-1) and Avgas (100LL) storage. A mobile refueling truck capable of both over-wing and single-point refueling is equipped with an FSII (Prist®) injector and is available for jet fuel sales anywhere on the airport property. 

A variety of grades and brands of aviation engine oils are available for sale. We have WFS contract fuel accounts and honour most major credit cards and debit cards. 

Our friendly line crew can also arrange catering services, ground transportation and accommodation referrals, free coffee, ice, and fax service, after hours callouts, aircraft tugging, cargo loading or unloading, and ground power (GPU) services. 

Business hours:

7 days a week - 7:00am-8:00pm from May 15 to September 14

7 days a week -  8:00am to 6:00pm from September 15 to November 14

7 Days a week – 6:00am to 9:00pm from November 15 to March 14

7 days a week - 8:00am-6:00pm from March 15 to May 15


The Muskoka Airport is an official Canada Customs Airport of entry. Customs service is provided from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) office located at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario - (905) 676-3626. Flights with no more than 15 people onboard can be cleared with at least two hours notice prior to arrival as per the following schedule: 

CBSA Summer Hours:
7 days a week - 9:00am-5:00pm from June 15 to September 17 

CBSA Winter Hours:

7 days a week - 9:00am-5:00pm from September 18th to June 14th 

Arriving flights must depart the runway at the Public Apron for clearance where Customs Officials will meet them. In the absence of any waiting Customs Officials, clearance can be provided over the telephone. Only one crewmember is permitted to deplane to utilize the courtesy telephone located in the pilot's lounge entrance of the Air Terminal Building (until a clearance number is provided by a CBSA official). 

All telephone calls to Canada Customs for departing and arrival notices should be directed to 1-888-CANPASS (1-888-226-7277).  

The Canada Border Services Agency was created on December 12, 2003. The CBSA's mandate is to manage the nation's borders by administering and enforcing about 75 domestic laws that govern trade and travel, as well as international agreements and conventions. For more information visit the CBSA website

The CANPASS System - Both the private and corporate aircraft programs are a result of the Canada-United States accord on our shared border. This CANPASS Aircraft Program allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers coming to Canada on aircraft with no more than 15 people, including the crew, to arrive at any time by reporting to the CBSA by telephone "before" landing at the airport.

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