Airport Business

Muskoka Aircraft Storage coming soon to CYQA in 2023!

Muskoka Aircraft Storage - coming soon to the Muskoka Airport. 
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Airport Business


Aztec Nomad Inc. & Air Muskoka

 Sales of Aztec Nomad on straight or amphibious floats, aircraft maintenance and hangar storage.

Phone: (705) 687-6696


 Flight Helicopter Tours
Muskoka helicopter tour and sight-seeing operator that provides rides and package tours at per person rates. 

Phone: (705) 783-6066


 HDL Enterprises

Aircraft Maintenance & Storage 

Phone: (705) 687-9090

 HOVR Aviation

Equipped with multiple helicopters to provide aircraft charter, aerial photography, forest/agriculture management, fire supression, aerial surveying and construction works. 

Phone: (705) 687-5555


 Lake Central Air Services

Lake aircraft sales, service, parts and training. Also specializing in the installation of atmospheric and geophysical survey equipment. 

Phone: (705) 687-4343


 Muskoka Aircraft Refinishing

Provides private, corporate and commercial aircraft refinishing and maintenance services. 

Phone: (705) 687-3300


Muskoka Aircraft Storage - Coming Soon: 2023 

Coming soon in 2023.

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Icarus Aviation

The ICARUS AERO goal is to provide unparalleled service in all types of aircraft services and to offer in house services for all maintenance, repair, and manufacturing or modification requirements.

Phone: 1-249-502-0966



Founded in 1986, Skyservice is Canada’s leader in business aviation. With an ongoing focus and investment in our Safety Management systems and service capabilities, we are consistently rated with the top three FBO locations in North America.

Phone: 1-888-759-7591



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FLYGTA AIRLINES is a Canadian Air Operator, providing business jets, scheduled services, travel agency, and tourism services to North American, South American, and European Markets. The group operates as a traditional airline in the business aviation sector and is a pioneer in modern flight operations. The group includes ‘Visit Canada’ ‘VidaJet’ ‘Unireps’ and ‘Northern Air Solutions’ from it’s 6 locations in Ontario and Quebec.

Phone: 1-888-470-4595

Development Opportunities
 Office Leases
The Muskoka Airport has a variety of commercial office space available for lease within the air terminal building. For information on office availability, terms and rates, please contact the Muskoka Airport Manager at (705) 687-2194.

COMING SOON: Office Lease Application Form 

 Land Leases & Sales

The Muskoka Airport offers commercial aviation businesses land for lease for development. Leases are the standard method for providing land for both private hangars and business activities. 

Tenants are required to meet the requirements of the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments with respect to height restrictions, building codes, septic permits, etc. Comprehensive site plans and a description of the proposal will be required as part of any lease or purchase application. 

For more information on land availability, terms and rates, please contact the Muskoka Airport Manager at (705) 687-2194.

COMING SOON: Real Estate Policy and Development Guidelines

 Land Use Permits

Covered tie-down shelters (fabric covered hangars) are permitted at the Muskoka Airport within a limited development area through a land use permit system. A cost effective approach to aircraft protection, these covered tie-down shelters are permitted to be installed on grass access areas without any servicing utilities. 

For more information on site availability, terms and rates, please contact the Muskoka Airport Manager at (705) 687-2194.

COMING SOON: Land Use Permit Application and LUP terms & Conditions 

Muskoka Airport Development Options - Tetra Tech

Capture the audience at the Muskoka Airport and benefit your marketing strategies. With indoor and outdoor static advertising formats and digital displays, we have numerous options to reach your audience.

View our Advertising Opportunities at the Muskoka District Airport at (705) 687-2194.

 Tenants - Tenant Manual
Muskoka Airport Tenant Manual - 

The purpose of this manual is to assist tenants in becoming familiar with the operational
procedures and policies of the Muskoka Airport



Accessible alternate formats are available upon request by contacting us

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