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Climate Change

a rock shoreline with pine trees abutting a lake

Muskoka’s climate is changing, causing major disruptions to the environment, built infrastructure, and the way of life in Muskoka. The District of Muskoka is committed to supporting actions to mitigate climate change and adapt to the impacts these changes are likely to cause. 

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What Causes Climate Change?

Greenhouse gases (GHGs), including carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide and chlorofluorocarbons, are the primary cause of climate change. 

The quantity of GHGs emitted into the atmosphere from human-caused activities has significantly increased over the past century. As concentrations of GHGs increase, they act like a blanket around the earth, trapping solar energy that gradually increases the temperature of the atmosphere, known as the greenhouse effect. Climate change causes a variety of life-altering impacts like extreme weather (heat waves, droughts, flooding, extreme precipitation, etc.) that we have begun to see around the world and locally right here in Muskoka. 

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